Hair Loss Advice

"Your Hair - YOUR Choice"

Are You Balding? Want your hair back?

Hair weaving, minoxidol/rogaine, hair transplants, Propecia™, even giving up and shaving my head -- I've researched them all, and tried many of them.

I've been losing my hair for a long time, and finally decided to do something about it. Male pattern baldness is progressive; it just gets worse if you do nothing. Stress can also contribute to hair loss.

Hi, I'm Harry Baldwin, and I'm just an ordinary guy.

A few months ago I was short, fat and balding. The balding particularly annoyed me as most balding is progressive, certainly male pattern baldness. I decided to do something about it.

I went on a fitness kick and I've lost 30 pounds through a combination of diet and exercise. OK, less fat now and I "look" taller as I'm less round.

But now my hair, what to do? Was I just being silly and vain? Losing weight and getting in shape is healthy, but my hair? Was I just being a silly middle aged dude?

Maybe I should have been working for world peace, or volunteering at the local food kitchen instead of obsessing on my hair loss. Was I just being selfish?

At first I decided to embrace baldness rather than looking at hair replacement and restoration options.

I shaved my head. Very liberating but I looked like crap!

Yes shaving my head was incredibly liberating. It felt great! But I'm no Bruce Willis, Telly Savalas (Kojak) or Yul Brynner. I quite honestly didn't like the look and neither did anyone else.

I look like a silly piece of crap with a shaved head, but I mention this as it's an option that may work for you.

Hair Matters

I decided I wasn't being silly. Hair matters. Wanting your hair is no more vain than tucking in your shirt, changing your underwear, or washing your car.

Back to The Hair Loss Drawing Board

I did a lot of research. I tried a lot of stuff to try to slow down my hair loss as well as to replace and restore it.

I've found my hair loss solution, at least for now. But I'm not going to tell you what works for me, because it may not work for you.

Instead I've created a repository of hair loss advice and baldness information based on my research. I hope you find this Web site useful.

It may take you a while before you find something you're comfortable with. It took me a few years but I'm happy with my hair now.

I'm not vain, but no one likes growing old. And bald signifies old.

With my new found hair I'm more confident, women like me more, I'm more successful in my career -- hey, I'm just plain happier!

A cure for baldness . . . ?

Imagine three world class medical research scientists at a party (they do go to parties sometimes, trust me).

One guy is working on a cure for cancer, another is working on a cure for AIDS, and one is working on a cure for baldness. I bet the baldness researcher won't admit it!

Truth is, really smart medical researchers have more important things to worry about than YOUR baldness. You'll need to tackle that yourself, just like I did.

Let this site be your guide in your quest for hair, the hair you were born with, the hair you deserve!